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LyGenesis’s cell therapies are engrafted using endoscopic ultrasound procedure, which is associated with decreased medical risks and costs relative to full organ transplantation. Our pipeline of therapies target a variety of unmet needs, including end stage liver disease, Type 1 diabetes, end stage renal disease, aging, and autoimmune disorder.

LyGenesis and Imagine Pharma Announce Joint Research Collaboration to Develop Novel Cell Therapies for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

April 11, 2023 - April 11, 2023 - The collaboration will enable rapid advancement of a joint preclinical proof of concept program for type 1 diabetes
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LyGenesis and Imagine Pharma Collaborate on allogeneic cell therapies for patients with type 1 diabetes

iTolerance and LyGenesis Announce a Joint Research Collaboration to Regrow Functioning, Ectopic Livers Without the Need for Immune Suppression

June 30, 2022 - The joint research collaboration will evaluate the potential of iTOL-201, the product candidate in development using iTolerance’s SA FasL microgel immune tolerance platform (iTOL-100) combined with LyGenesis’ liver cell therapy (LYG-LIV-100), to enable ectopic livers to be grown without the need or immune suppression.
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LyGenesis Adds Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Orphan Pediatric Indications with Large Unmet Needs, to its Drug Development Pipeline

January 10, 2022 - Novel approach first aims to treat pediatric patients with Maple Syrup Urine Disease
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LyGenesis Announces Four Peer-Reviewed Publications on its Organ Regeneration Technology

August 27, 2021 - Successful preclinical studies solidify the foundation for its first human clinical trial of a cell-based therapy to regenerate ectopic organs in lymph nodes
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AgeX Therapeutics and LyGenesis Terminate Merger Negotiations

July 23, 2021 - LyGenesis will continue to advance its clinical-stage allogeneic cell therapy for patients with end stage liver disease, and advance its pipeline of preclinical cell therapies enabling pancreas, thymus, and kidney regeneration.
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AgeX Therapeutics and LyGenesis to Negotiate Merger Agreement

March 2, 2021 - Merger would create a clinical-stage cell therapy company
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